The Protestant Reformation

You’ve done this in History! What was the protestant reformation? What were the protestants trying to oppose? What were their main complaints about the power of the Roman Catholic Church?

I’m sure that your history course included a great deal of politics, kings and queens and divorces and all that sort of stuff and THAT IS ALL IMPORTANT! However, what you need to do is tie in the religious beliefs as well.


Martin Luther, who arguably marked the start of the protestant reformation, was complaining about the way the Roman Catholic Church was being run. His objections henry_viiisparked a huge amount of disagreement that still rumbles on to this day. Basically, if we don’t have to do what the Catholic Church tells us to do, how do we want to be Christian? How do we interpret the words of Jesus? Who was this Paul bloke anyway and why should we listen to him? Jesus can’t have said that because that would be silly… and so on.

It’s Jesus’ own fault. If you’re going to start a religion by picking faults with the one you have then it’s obvious what’s going to happen sooner or later! There are some who argue that this is wrong and that there is a right way and a wrong way to worship God; that you must receieve the grace of God (in the form of Sacraments) through the Church. Others argue you can paint yourself blue and run around naked for all God cares (I’m not making that up, it’s been done) as long as you live a good life. There are over 2000 recognised denominations (types) of Christianity today so it might be wrong to think that all Christians worship in the same way or do the same things. They can’t agree on anything!


So, you tell me; how did it all start and what’s it all about… It’s a broad church so I’ll leave that one open!



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