Christianity and Prayer

Jesus talked a great deal about prayer: such as in the Sermon on the Mount or the parable of the man seeking bread in Luke 11:5-9. Find out what Jesus says about prayer and re-present it then discuss the nature of prayer in Christianity. Why do Christians pray? How do they pray? What effect do they think it has? Note this is not as straightforward as you might think!

PrayerWhat is prayer? Is it just putting your hands together and asking for things? I’ve tried everything from World Peace to a Ferrari and so far it hasn’t worked. It seems odd that so many people keep believing in the power of prayer when so often we don’t get what we ask for.

In some Christian churches there are set ways of praying and certian prayers you might say, like ‘Our Fathers’ or ‘Hail Marys’, in other churches you might pray by just putting your hands together, though the Bible tells us faith without deeds is useless, in other words just praying for things is not going to make them happen unless you actually do something about it. Maybe that is the power of prayer, to help you seek guidance as to what God wants you to do about something rather than getting God to do it all for you!

People have different beleifs about prayer. Some think that prayer can heal a sick loved one, others that it can speed the dead into their place in heaven. Others just like a littel quiet time to think about the bigger issues in life. So, what do you think about prayer? Why do you think what you do? Share your thoughts with us!

Here are some examples of what Jesus thought:

Knock and it shall be opened to you


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