The Iceberg of Faith

Explain why many religious people describe faith as an iceberg. Make a poster that shows this iceberg and explain what it means.


There’s no two ways about this. People in the modern world don’t seem to get faith. Faith is about believing something without it having to be proven. You know your mum and dad love you. You don’t need them to prove it. You have faith. You know that the Sun will set and that the floor won’t open up and swallow you next time you take a step; though there is nothing but past experience to prove it. You have faith. If you didn’t you’d never take another step!

The problem for religious people is that they believe in a God who is, by His very nature, unable to be proven or disproven. For Christians, Muslims and Jews (and others!) God is TRANSCENDENT, that is beyond the limits of human reason or understnanding. He cannot be known. So you ahve to have faith.

To a religous person all these arguments about whether God exists or not might be interesting; they might even help tell us something about the nature of God, but they don’t tell us anything about His existence. They can’t. That’s about faith.

The iceberg analogy moves from the idea that most of an iceberg (about 90%) is underwater and can’t be seen. Only the 10% above water can be seen. This is like God. In the world of human sense and reason God pokes through. You can see and talk about a bit of Him, but most of him remains unknowable. You just have to believe!



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