Religious Morality

Many world religions have some quite definite rules about behaviour, such as no drinking (in Islam and Buddhism), no sex before marriage (most world religions), No working on the Sabbath day (Christianity, Islam and Judaism). Using one or more examples, explain why religion might be seen to hold us back in the modern world.

Sunday MorningWhen I was a kid I remember getting quite irritated when I’d take my pocketmoney down to the newsagents on a Sunday morning to find it shut. In fact, all the shops were shut. Very few busses ran and no-body was about.

Sunday was the day of rest. People didn’t go out. You didn’t call on your friends and there wasn’t really anything on T.V.

Why, well in the Bible, God creates the heavens and earth in six days then rests on the seventh. He then commands us to ‘honour the sabbath day and keep it holy’ – that is not to work and spend Sunday thinking about God.

It’s a nice idea. Day off. Not much to do (if you’re an Orthodox Jew, writing is forbidden so you can’t even do your homework!) but could it really work in a world of mobile phones, iPads, facebook and snapchat?

Maybe you think these things don’t actually add to your life. Maybe you’d rather have a day off. Read a book (one of those funny papery things your mum has on the shelf) or contemplate the deeper truths of the universe and deepen your relationship with God.


Or maybe you think all of that’s a waste of time (especially that book thing, I mean who Moblie techreads books?!) and that the world is better off when we can fire pictures of our friends’ faces (weirdly distorted and animated to say stupid things) at each other at three o’clock on a Sunday morning?


Or maybe there is a more serious rule you think holds us back. Tell us what you think!


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