Religion and Science

Do we need religion to answer question about where the world came from anymore? Compare religions creations stories (Christian or otherwise) to the Scientific account of the Big Bang. Explain the evidence that supports the Big Bang and why we might not need religious stories anymore. This could be a poster or a documentary.

Big BangI’m going to be honest. This is one that really annoys me:

Student – ‘We don’t need God anymore because of the Big Bang.’

Mr. Kirk – ‘OK, so what was the Big Bang?’

Student – ‘???!’

I agree (to an extent); the Big Bang is really interesting, and it presents a whole range of potential problems to religous believers who say that God created the world. But the problem is not an overwhelming one, nor is it a simple one.

However, you do need to know what the Big Bang is (notice present tense – that’s important!).

Please don’t be one of those kids who tells me that ‘science created the universe’. I will have to vilify you in front of your friends. Science is a method. A very good method. It tells us stories that are at least based on evidence, but it helps if we understand the evidence!


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