Miracles – It’s all bunk!

Discuss the lack of evidence surrounding a modern claim to a miracle and explain how this miracle might actually have come about.

miraclesThe Bible’s full of miracles. Walking on water, healing the sick, mass paddling in the Red Sea. Same in the Qur’an. The Hindu scriptures tell of battles thousands of years ago where gods in human form fought alongside men. Nowadays, not so much with the miracles.

So, what’s changed?

People have wised-up, that’s what! The Scottish philosopher, David Hume, once said that miracles are experienced by ‘ignorant and barbarous nations’ and by ‘uneducated peasantry’ but I’ve got a GCSE in science and I’m a little more sceptical.

Walking on water? Dynamo does that, and it’s a trick! Healing the sick? Been to Harrogate District Hospital lately – there’s these funny people in white coats… Battling along side gods. Yeah. They made that up. IT NEVER HAPPENED!

So, pick a miracle. Tell us what is supposed to have happened and then tell us why it’s all bunk!


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