Christian Aid

Investigate the work of Christian Aid, or another religious charity. Find out what they do and how it helps. Create a leaflet, poster or documentary that explains how this religious work is doing good in the world.

MLKForget all this wordy rubbish about whether God is real or not; whether the Bible is true or not. At the end of the day, does it really matter? The book of Genesis having divine origin (being written or inspired by God) or not does not feed the hungry. Whether miracles really happen or not does not treat the sick. Let’s stop worrying about all that and do something that makes a difference!

Christian Aid is an organisation partnered with many others from other world religons (such as Islamic Relief) that helps people of all religions around the world. It doesn’t matter if Jesus really said ‘everytime you help one of these brothers of mine you are helping me’ or ‘the man who has two shirts should give one to the the man who has none’ or if Muhammad (pbuh) really had the authority of Allah when he said ‘he is not a believer who eats while his brother has nothing’. If I BELIEVE these things (true or not) then I can help other people. Surely that’s more important?

So, what do Christian Aid do? They help people! You can find out more here:



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