In the Roman Catholic Church a great person can be made a saint after they die. This is mark of recognition for the work they have done and highlights them as a role model for others. Who would you make a saint (they don’t have to be dead!) and why? Create a report telling us who you think has set a good example and why we should follow them.

ChristopherIt seems to have been easier to be a saint two thousand years ago than it is today. St. Christopher carried the baby Jesus over a river and he got made a saint (he might have done some others things too!) and Mother Theresa gives up her entire life and possessions to help the sick and needy in India and across the world and they’re still arguing about whether or not she should be a saint.

I’ve heard an argument that Stephen Fry should be made a saint, but I’m not sure why!

Me, I’d make Dietrich Bonhoeffer a saint for standing up to Hitler, or Irena Sendler for saving the lives of hundreds of Jewish children from the Nazis, or this man:


For just getting in the way when wrong things are being done. But who would you make a saint and why? Share your thoughts. Whose example do you think we should follow and why?


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