Prayer. Consider different forms of prayer in these religions. Explain how Orthodox Jews, Roman Catholic Christians and Muslims pray. Try to explain why they pray in these ways and highlight similarities and differences between them linked back to their beliefs. ***

Orthodox Jews have specific laws, in the Torah, that tell them how to pray.

You can find out more about this by looking at the BBC Religions page.

You’ll need to find out more about TALLIT and TEFILLIN as well:

For Roman Catholics there is also a LITURGY to prayer, that is a certain way of doing things. The video below will take you around a ROSARY:

Working around a Rosary using beads

In Islam, prayer also follows a certain LITURGY. This is called Salat. Salat is a pillar of Islam, you must pray in this way five times a day, at set times, in order to fulfil your duty to Allah.


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