Abrahamic Faiths – Term 1

These are the Home Learning Options for the first Term of Year 8. You need to complete three tasks before Christmas. Follow the instructions on your sheet to help you do this.

  1. The Story of Abraham. Retell the story of Abraham, making clear explanations as to why he is an important figure for Jews, Christians and for Muslims. Try to explain how the events of his life affect the lives of members of these faiths alive in the world today. You can do this as a story board, with comments written below each bit of the story, as a video or a series of images; it’s really up to you! **
  2. Role Models – Compare the figures of Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad (pbuh). Describe at least five comparisons between them. These can be similarities or differences but should be based on the details of their lives. You should aim to explain how these relate to similarities and / or differences between Jews, Christians and Muslims today. ***
  3. Ultimate Questions – Creation. Describe the creation myth as it occurs in the Torah, Bible and Qur’an (same story!). Explain how this has come into conflict with modern understandings of the universe through science, such as the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory. **
  4. Prayer. Consider different forms of prayer in these religions. Explain how Orthodox Jews, Roman Catholic Christians and Muslims pray. Try to explain why they pray in these ways and highlight similarities and differences between them linked back to their beliefs. ***
  5. Religion and the Media. Consider the place of Christianity and Islam today and how these religions might be viewed in the popular media. Collect examples of media sources (newspapers / TV / film / art / music etc.) that deal with these two faiths and comment on whether you feel the media view is accurate or not. *
  6. Pilgrimage. Find out details of the Catholic Pilgrimage to Lourdes in France and the Muslim Hajj to Makkah. Describe what happens and explain why these places are important to believers in these religions. Try to link this into the key beliefs of members of that faith. *
  7. Moral Guidance – The Ten Commandments. These appear in the Torah, the Bible and the Qur’an. Find out what they all are. Explain which of these rules you think are and are not important in the modern world. Try to explain why some believers still wish to follow all these rules and others ignore some of them. *
  8. Places of Worship. Choose either the Synagogue (Judaism), the Church (Christianity) or the Masjid (Islam). Describe the basic features of this place of worship. Try to find out about different examples within different branches (denominations) of the faith you have chosen (e.g. Orthodox vs. Reform synagogues). Try to explain the differences in terms of the beliefs of that denomination. ***

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